04/2019-Congo(Brazza): Teachers working in GEP (Group of Educators/Trainers in Peace)

The national coordination of teachers' movement EECo hold a workshop-conference for inviting and structuring the teachers into GEP, according to the PAUPB strategy of stabilizing Peacebuilders. GEP= Group of Educators/Trainers of Peace as a instrument of Panafrican Union of Peace Builders (PAUPB). On 23 to 25 April delegates from 7 dioceses (out of 9) and 2 Directors of diocesan schools met in the Interdiocesan Development (CIO) in Brazzaville, supported and facilitated by the PAUPB.

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the UPA Laureat
from all Campus
since 2003,
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to become our member

Join us at the
UPABP Secretariat
based in Bafoussam,
Cameroon facilitated
by CIPCRE (internat.)

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= I
ntervention NOn-
Violente Active et
Rapide (en Afrique)

Teams of panafrican Peace Builders join local activities in direct intervention for several months at selected communities: deses-calation, conflict mana-gement, mediation.
2010/11 Burundi,DRC
2014/16 CAR/Cam
2016/22 RCA

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