RWANDA: 6 active Members - 33 certified Peacebuilders

KENYA: 1 active Members - 8 certified Peacebuilders MALI: 1 actifve Members - 2 certified Peacebuilders IVORY COAST: 2 active Members - 6 certified Peacebuilders BURKINA FASO: 3 actifs Members - 11 certified Peacebuilders CAMEROON: 12 active Members - 29 certified Peacebuilders DRCongo - 5 active Members - 50 certified Peacebuilders RWANDA: 6 active Members - 33 certified Peacebuilders SENEGAL: 1 actifs Members - 8 certified Peacebuilders BURUNDI: 3 active Members - 15 certified Peacebuilders Congo (Republic) CAR: 10 active Members - 38 certified Peacebuilders

Association for Integrated
Education in Rwanda
Projet: Make Learning Relevant
Projet: Back to School Campain

GEP- Local Peace Platform:
Slowly my GEP is built through music: see my chanson "Urukundo unkunda" (english subtitles)
AJECL - Association of Youth of Saint Charles Lwanga
Empower young citizen to withstand all forms of manipulation, to work with non-violent means for peace, justice and progress of all

(1) RETHINKING SECURITY: African PeaceBuilder opt for Active Civil Security concepts,
beyond violenced based military "peace-keeping"

Workshop Report: Lobbying Rwanda for joining quickly the Treaty on Ban the Nuclear Arms, January 2022. 39 representatives of a wide range of civil society and church based organisations and gouvernment met for launching campain and awareness building

(2) UPABP, Rwanda: Gathering of UPA Laureates (all sessions, 25 years): Dec.,4th 2021 Centre St Paul, Kigali (see photos), followed by March, 5th 2022 Rwamagana (EPR)

(3) International PEACE Day. AJECL celebrates it every year and appoints new Peace Builders trained all over the year. This time more then 100 Peace Builders with Active Non-Violence capacity will be certified.


the UPA Laureat
from all Campus
since 2003,
please feel invited
to become our member

Join us at the
UPABP Secretariat
based in Bafoussam,
Cameroon facilitated
by CIPCRE (internat.)

and upa@apte-net.de
INOVAR  (clic here)
= I
ntervention NOn-
Violente Active et
Rapide (en Afrique)

Teams of panafrican Peace Builders join local activities in direct intervention for several months at selected communities: deses-calation, conflict mana-gement, mediation.
2010/11 Burundi,DRC
2014/16 CAR/Cam
2016/22 RCA

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