DRCongo - 5 active Members - 50 certified Peacebuilders

KENYA: 1 active Members - 8 certified Peacebuilders MALI: 1 actifve Members - 2 certified Peacebuilders IVORY COAST: 2 active Members - 6 certified Peacebuilders BURKINA FASO: 3 actifs Members - 11 certified Peacebuilders CAMEROON: 12 active Members - 29 certified Peacebuilders DRCongo - 5 active Members - 50 certified Peacebuilders RWANDA: 6 active Members - 33 certified Peacebuilders SENEGAL: 1 actifs Members - 8 certified Peacebuilders BURUNDI: 3 active Members - 15 certified Peacebuilders Congo (Republic) CAR: 10 active Members - 38 certified Peacebuilders

IGE - SOUTH KIVU, Institut pour la Gou-vernance et l'Edu-cation électorale

CONTACT: igesk@gmail.com
BUKAVU, av. de la Cathédrale
Archevêché, salle Mgr.Kaningu, 2

ISPR - BUKAVU, Institut Supérieur pour la Paix et la Réconciliation
Vision, Action and Offers

Specialised Institut of the ACEAC - Association of Episcopal Conferen-ces of Central Africa


IGE: Panafrican Peace Builders impact and coordinate an important range of Peace activites: Elections, Democracy, Decentralisation, Human Rights, Lobbying Good Gouvernance. Member of Civil Society, Defend Human Rights.
Thematic Groups: Controlling "Mines et Hydrocarbures", "Human Rights and Security in South-Kivu"

REPORTS of Actions and Groups: 2019-Capacity of Peacebuilders in the Region: The Real Inner Power. 2020-Fight against extra-legal arrestation. 2021-Analysing Divion of People and Communities in Great Lakes Afrika. 2021-Consultation of communities on a constructive dialogue in the sector of mining in South Kivu. 2021-Workshop on validation of action on understanding of people in the Great Lakes Region. 2022-Mining in South-Kivu: Building a permanent framework of dialogue between companies and local communities, WORKSHOP REPORT 2022-"The Tree of Life", Learning and managing our Energy and Attitudes as Peace Builders, ToT-REPORT. 2024- Evaluation "Collect cases of abuse by mining companies" in the South Province


Thematic Group: RESOLUTION-1325-CSNU (on Women, Peace and Security), Pilot Comitee and provincial Secratriat, Peace Builders in responsibility to implement the resolution. 2021-Celebrating 20th anniversary of the UN Resolution 1325. 2020-Formation des autorités locales et des cadres de base sur la masculinité positive et à la lutte contre les VSBG (Terrotoire de Masisi, Territoire de Lubero)

PROVINCIAL SECRETARITAT FOR FOLLOWUP OF "RESOLUTION-1325-UNSC" (Women Security, Gender, Positive Masculinity). Forum for Peace Incentives and Networking, April 09, 2022,

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Violente Active et
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Teams of panafrican Peace Builders join local activities in direct intervention for several months at selected communities: deses-calation, conflict mana-gement, mediation.
2010/11 Burundi,DRC
2014/16 CAR/Cam
2016/22 RCA

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